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Don't waste energy beating

Don't waste energy beating your self up. Begin! Use the steps below to organize life, boost completions, and feel great by year end.

Step 1- Set up your system- Use a notepad, palm pilot, blackberry, or whatever works to get tasks out of your head and into a system. You can pick up a Get Things Done task list or a Holiday task list at the author's website if you like. The key is to free up your mind and have your plan in front of you daily.

Step 2- Reflect on your annual personal and professional goals- What do you need to do to feel good about the year? Begin getting all of your to do's and any items you need to pick up out of your head and into your system. If you got off track this year think about what part you CAN do. Begin, so that at year end you feel good about starting instead of regretful for not following through.
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