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Don't waste energy beating

Don't waste energy beating your self up. Begin! Use the steps below to organize life, boost completions, and feel great by year end.

Step 1- Set up your system- Use a notepad, palm pilot, blackberry, or whatever works to get tasks out of your head and into a system. You can pick up a Get Things Done task list or a Holiday task list at the author's website if you like. The key is to free up your mind and have your plan in front of you daily.

Step 2- Reflect on your annual personal and professional goals- What do you need to do to feel good about the year? Begin getting all of your to do's and any items you need to pick up out of your head and into your system. If you got off track this year think about what part you CAN do. Begin, so that at year end you feel good about starting instead of regretful for not following through.
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For those who do not struggle with emotional problems during the holidays it is hard to imagine this time of year being anything but joyful. Unfortunately, there are many people who see this time of year as exactly the opposite. The days from Thanksgiving to New Years may even spur depression that has been lingering under the surface for many months. Following these strategies can help you or a loved one get through the season.

Those who write about their feelings when they are sad or depressed tend to deal with problems better than those who do not take the time. It is important to face your problems head on and get to the bottom of them. Take 15 minutes a day to reflect on how you are feeling.

Avoid alcohol
When you’re feeling blue you might be tempted to have a drink or two, but alcohol actually makes you more depressed. If you are attending holiday parties where alcohol is being served, try to resist the urge to drink by sticking with non-alcoholic beverages.
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2.4.08 23:43

Most often negative self talk

Most often negative self talk tells you will fail or can't do it and you never get off the ground. How do we know you have negative thoughts about weight that is because if you didn't you would be fit. What is vital is to acknowledge that you have negative thoughts on weight and set your goals in the positive about what you are going to achieve than what you are going to lose.

Line of Support

Success is achieved with support. The biggest failure that people make is their ego gets in the way and they believe they have to do it themselves. No person does anything successful by themselves. Whether in money, work, or fitness the better your team the more successful you are.

A proper team is made up of professional support and peer support. It is paramount that you have friends and family that will support you in your efforts. See how often we look to friends and family that talk bad about us and keep us from success. Find those that are going to believe just as you that you are going to be successful. With so much misinformation out their about weight loss hiring a professional is vital to success.
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2.4.08 23:41

The rebates you earn

The rebates you earn can only be used for service maintenance on your car or the purchase or lease of a car. Even though you are limited to using the money for maintenance work—doesn’t the car always seem to need an oil change or something more?

The small print!

Should you sign up? Not without first understanding the difference between what is advertised and what is in the fine print. Secondly, credit cards and their issuers have gotten a lot of bad publicity because of people blaming their problems on them. The fact is credit card companies are not at fault for the spending habits of their customers.

There has been a lot of attention paid to credit cards recently as debt estimates have been exaggerated, and some have gone so far as to call credit cards evil. Credit cards are dangerous, not evil. If you are a mature, responsible and educated person, there are many benefits to using credit cards that will be outlined in a coming article.
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